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Flu Vaccination

We offer a seasonal flu vaccination programme every year throughout the Flu season. Getting a flu vaccine is an important protection for any who is in a high risk group. This includes persons who are over 65, pregnant, have cardiac or respiratory complaints any many others - please contact us to see if you are in an at risk group.

The vaccine is free for anyone with a medical card or GP visit card who is in an at risk group and costs from just €15 for private patients. You can book an appointment online here

Flu Vaccine Free to Medical Card Holders At Risk

€15 to Private Patients at Risk

€30 to Private Patients with no Risk

Blood Pressure Testing

We offer a free blood pressure testing service to all our patients. Call in anytime to have your blood pressure checked by one of our pharmacists.

No Appointment is necessary.

Diabetic Monitoring

We supply a full range of glucose testing equipment for home glucose monitoring.

If you need any help or advice on using you meter or other equipment please call in to speak to speak to Brian or Patricia. We can replace batteries or help you get a new meter from your manufacturer.

Emergency Contraception

We offer free confidential advice to patients requiring emergency contraception. You can call in without an appointment for a consultation with a Pharmacist. A pharmacist will assess during the consultation if emergency contraception is a suitable for you and can supply you without the need for a prescription.

Emergency Contraception €20

Operation Transformation

We are a participating pharmacy in the RTE operation transformation programme for weight loss. Get motivated with our free weekly weigh-in and by being part of a group which offers support and feedback. We help you set your goal, monitor your progress and offer all the encouragement you need.

No more excuses! You can join at any time.

Ostomy Care

We carry a very extensive range of ostomy and urostomy supplies and have relationships with all the major manufacturers. Brian has worked in wholesale supply of ostomy and urostomy and has extensive experience of the products. If you need any help or advice please call for any help we can offer.

Weekly Dispensing

Do you or someone you care for have trouble managing your medications? Have you ever been unable to remember if you have taken your medication? We offer free advice and free monitored dose dispensing to all our patients.

Taking the right medication at the right time is an essential part of you treatment so please contact us if you need any help in managing your medication.